sportsella creates and communicates value-for-money product trainings, surveys or sales promotions for you. You get easier and faster access to the Point of Sales – with a proven record of success! 

All information is published through the sportsella portal to all registered participants.

sportsella publishes a newsletter once a month that goes to all registered sales staff.

The trainings include:

  • a consultation on the training structure 
  • production and correction of the trainings by a training author
  • Web- and PDF-Design of trainings
  • Reporting on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Back office administration: handling of raffles, certificates
  • Communication with participants
  • User newsletter
  • and much more… 

We offer our trainings in various versions and time spans, in order to suit them to your specific businss processes. According to your needs we thus create products that will directly lead to success. 

sportsella creates and manages a raffle for each training, product information or survey.

We promote our trainings for your during their duration on our main page.  If desired, we can keep the trainings available in our archive for … 

All trainings, product information or surveys consist of special HTML-webpages (into which we can embed animations and clips). They end with a survey or a test. After correctly answering the questions, the participant is added to our raffle database. After passing the test (in the first or second attempt), the participants can order a certificate. They receive it from sportsella. 

Once a month, you will receive an email giving an overview of completed trainings. This way, you can keep up to date on the success of your trainings. 

Use our experience – we’re happy to consult you!

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PS: We also help you to set up your own training portal sporting your corporate identity. We’re happy to answer your questions! 

sportsella – sustainable knowledge transfer

With our portal, we help to save thousands of litres of fuel and further resources. Companies that use our knowledge transfer through the internet, thus help to reduce their ecological footprint. 

Sustainability is also an important criterion when it comes to selecting our logistic partners. We use the post's GOGREEN service and used boxes for packaging.