Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

sportsella e.K. (in the following: sportsella) in Tutzing is the operator of, and

We respect the right of privacy of online visitors and recognize the importance of protecting their personal information.

We have developed a privacy policy for our internet portal, which provides us a guideline for the collection, storage and use of the data supplied by you.

You will be informed in the following, 

  • which of your personalinformation is collected andhow it is done.
  • thatexclusivelysportsella gatherspersonalinformation.
  • how this information isused and who- if at all-will receive this information.
  • which consequences-if any - may occur if you withhold personal information,.
  • how to obtainaccess toyour saved personal information and how to modify or delete it if necessary.
  • where and how to ask questionsormake complaints.

The sportsella e.K. has various other domains pointing to this web pages. From time to time new pages will be added. Please note that this policy applies only to the sites which are operated by sportsella, and not for sites which are operated by other companies or organizations to which we refer. It is also possible that we ask a third party to gather personal information for sportsella. In this case, the third party will be bound by us to agree with the described privacy policy. Lotteries The participants in the lotteries of sportsella eK agree that any recourse to courts of law is excluded for every lottery.

Which data is collected?
sportsella e.K. collects personal information from online visitors only on a voluntary basis and only to perform competition registrations and raffles. The collected personal information can cover name, email address, phone number, mailing address, name and address of employer, attended and completed trainings as well as the date of birth. For all areas of our websites a registration process is required in order to access them or to take part in the sellaraces.  

What happens to your data?
sportsella e.K. does not share any personal identifying data of registered subscribers to third parties without having asked for their explicit permission in advance. When you register on a website of sportsella, you will be asked to provide personal data. This data will be used to identify the winners of the lotteries and to inform them about their winnings. We provide our clients (producers) with the below listed anonymized data once a week:     

  • Company name of the participating seller     
  • Location of the company of the participating seller

Finally we use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so we can improve our websites continually and adapt them to the needs of our visitors. As far as we are obliged under law, an administrative or other governmental action to forward the data to the relevant government agencies, to courts or other authorities, we will obey.      

Without your explicit permission sportsella will contact you neither by mail nor by telephone. The permission will be obtained during the registration or the capture of your data or from time to time via email. After completion of the sellaraces all collected address data will be destroyed. Protecting your personal information We collect personal data only to the extent to which it makes sense for the performance of our legal business benefit and provide adequate protection to ensure security, integrity and privacy of the personal information you provide. To the same extent in which you have given us your permission to share your personal information with third parties, we will ensure that these will adequately protect your personal information.    

Change your personal information
If you wish to make changes of your personal data during a sellarace please contact us directly. Either by e-mail at: or via the phone number you find in the imprint. Deleting Data If you wish to remove your name from our records for any reason, please contact us via email at We will delete your data as required.

What about cookies?
A cookie [kʊki] (am English biscuits, cookies) is a short entry in a mostly small database on a computer and is used to exchange information between computer programs or time-limited information archiving.

On almost all of our sites cookies are used to track your way on the sites and make sure that your actions are also displayed accordingly - and to let you participate in lotteries.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically. You can disable cookies or set your browser to advise you accordingly whenever cookies are sent. However, their might occur malfunction in some areas.

By using these sites you confirm your agreement to the Online Privacy Policy of sportsella. You agree that we publish your name, city and - as a sales person - your employer within the portal, if you have won a lottery. If you do not agree to this policy, your access is denied.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. It is the responsibility of each user to check the conditions on any updates. With continued use of our websites after a change you agree to this. If you contradict to the changes explicitly sportsella can deny your access to the areas for which it requires a registry.