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The following information gives an overview on how sportsella works and what you can expect.

Continuing education and qualifications are a must in today’s professional world. We believe that learning and training can be fun, which is why we’ve created the motto “train and win!” and put it into reality.

As a sales professional in the sports industry you can train as much as want, as long as want and where you want. All you need is a connection to the internet. 

Who does sportsella work with?

Well-known sport goods manufacturers appoint sportsella each month to produce straightforward sales trainings regarding their products. These trainings are between 4 and 10 DIN A4 pages long. They end with 4 to 6 questions about the product in question. It takes around 15 minutes to complete one training.

All participants who answered those questions correctly will be entered into a price database. There’s a price raffle with a chance to win valuable prices each week and each month.

The more trainings you complete, the more prices you can win. We notify all winners by E-Mail and publish their names in our community (menu: prices – by clicking the according price).

You can get an overview of all prices available at the moment by checking out the prices menu on the website.


Further questions regarding sportsella?

These are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What happens to my data after registration?

In the registration area, you can find our terms and conditions. According to these guidelines, we can only pass on data to our clients if you agree to it first. If you don’t agree to it, the data stays with us and will not be passed on to anyone.

How long do the trainings stay online?

After one month (in some cases, after 2 months), we replace our trainings with new ones. The raffles also tend to run one month. After this period of time, the manufacturers publish a new training with a different focus. The old trainings remain in our archive, where you can access them any time. Trainings from the archive don’t have raffles. 

Can I win prices by completing a training in the archive?

From our trainings in the archive you will gain knowledge, but unfortunately no prices. For each training, we receive a limited amount of prices by the manufacturers. We will draw various names from all participants in the timespan of one month.

How will I be notified about my winning?

We notify all winners by Email straight away and we publish their names on our website.

How much does the participation cost?

The sportsella trainings are free of charge for all users (sales staff).

Register here - get started and try it out! 2012 - What's new?

We have adapted our website slightly. Here’s a little overview of the menu buttons available:

Everything about your personal account can be found at “MY SPORTSELLA”. The personal information section has been expanded: you can now edit your sales outlet (company), find out which colleagues train at sportsella and keep an eye on your ISPO certification status. All test results and certificates can be found in the “results” section. 

The first participant of a sales outlet who registers with is now automatically promoted “admin”. He or she can pass this status on to a colleague or supervisor at any time. 

Admins have access to statistical user data and can add additional functions from

Admins also help to optimise team work. They can enter information concerning the sales outlet team and book trainings for their company. If you want to know more about this, please contact 

"BACKSTAGE“: this is where you can cast a glance behind our stage

In this section, you will find all information about our background, our company and our team. Speaking of which, our team has an editorial blog which you can access by clicking the top of our website. All news and the blog are available as RSS feed which you can subscribe to.

The TRAININGS now have a new structure.

This section holds an overview of all MANUFACTURER with information on and tranings about each of them. All information can be accessed by clicking the manufacturer in question. There is no “training archive” anymore.

All trainings are to be found in the "TRAINIGS" section, divided into trainings with or without a raffle. A green checkmark at the top corner of each training card will show you whether you have already completed this training or not. The training card also tells you which prices can be won. A certificate is given out after each completed training. These can be found at "MY SPORTSELLA"


All raffles including special promotions and special raffles are in this section.


We hope you like our new site.


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If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us at or contact our Hotline.